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Emily Scott has 30 years of professional experience working with challenging dog behavioral issues.

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Emily Scott is the only Dog Behavior Consultant certified through the IAABC (International Association of Animail Behavior Consultants) in the Central Valley.

She has expertise working with all breeds of dogs and all their types of behavioral problems. By thoroughly analyzing the dog through visual observation, Emily is able to understand the emotion or ‘reason’ for a particular behavior, instead of simply punishing problem behaviors. She then works with the family and the dog to modify the behavior using science based, applied behavior principles for long term modification and POSITIVE CHANGE.
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Emily assesses and works with all types of challenging behaviors:

Human Directed Aggression – aggression toward adults and children
Separation Anxiety – Dogs that experience extreme stress when left alone causing excessive barking, destruction to home, yard, inappropriate relieving, or self destructive behavior
Household or Yard Destruction
Resource Guarding - Aggression around food, toys, stolen objects, people, beds, etc.
Potty Training Problems
Crate Training Problems
Leash Reactivity – barking and lunging toward people, animals or movement (cars, bikes, skateboards) when on a leash
Territorial Aggression in the Home
Intra-dog Aggression (aggression between 2 [or more] dogs in the same household)
Fear and Anxiety Issues
Leash Walking and Pulling
Arousal Issues -- Dogs that get overstimulated or over excited in some situations that leads to poor behaviors like jumping, nipping, biting and lack of command response
Prey Drive Issues
Poor Recall or ‘Come’ Command
Feral or Puppy Mill Dogs with Severe Trauma
Special Needs dogs (Deaf, blind, severe medical issues)
Puppy Behavior Challenges such as excessive biting and nipping
Keep-away Behaviors
Door Bolting
Car Chasing
Uncooperative Body Handling at groomer or vet
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NOTE: Emily has been able to successfully modify many serious dog behavioral challenges. Many factors affect dog behavior and success with long-term change in behavior. She cannot promise 'fixing' severe problems; however, she will offer an in-depth, honest and open behavioral modification plan with coaching pet owners through the entire process. If anyone can help you, Emily Scott can.

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