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Board and Train services

Don't have time for training? We offer board and train services for your convenience.

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Emily Scott is extremely fortunate and honored to partner with Elaine’s Pet Resorts here locally in Fresno.

Elaine’s is the premier boarding and daycare facility in The Central Valley! They have received top ratings for their beautiful, clean facility and knowledgeable and caring staff! Emily has trained Elaine’s Pet Resorts’ staff and management for 8 years. She has full access to their boarding facility and through this valuable partnership, Emily is able to access Elaine’s facility for board and train services! Please visit their website to learn more:
board and train services

How it works:

Client contacts Emily Scott and selects a 5 or 10 day private training program with Emily Scott – dates are set up for training.
Client contacts Elaine’s Pet Resorts (Elaine’s has 2 locations, Fresno and Madera) and makes lodging or daycare reservation for the dog during specified dates. (Boarding/daycare costs are separate from Emily Scott’s training rates).
Client drops off dog at Elaine’s Pet Resort location for boarding.
Emily comes to Elaine’s Pet Resort daily to work with the dog for 1 hour each day. (5 or 10 day program). The dog is also given daily walks and play through normal boarding program provided by Elaine’s Pet Resort.
Emily provides daily contact with client via email and video/photos to provide updates on dog’s progress with training.
Emily meets with owners at the end of the program, in their home to go over the training and receive equipment and learn how to maintain the skills that the dog has been taught. Emily provides continued support of the dog and owner to ensure the training skills and behaviors are maintained.
Board and Train Services give the client a convenient way to get their dog trained quickly and with a world renowned certified dog behavior specialist! The dog can be boarded at Elaine’s for the entirety of the program, or the dog can be brought to Elaine’s for day care and returned home each evening.
While Board and Train services are convenient, they may not be the best option for dogs that have anxiety, fear or aggression issues. Many dogs are unable to focus on training in a boarding facility and learn best in their quiet, secure home environment. Board and train services are most productive for confident, stable dogs that need beginning, intermediate or advanced obedience training.
Are you interested in this program? Please give Emily a call! She can help you decide if board and train is a viable option for you and your dog!

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