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Adolescent & Unruly dogs

Emily Scott Training Program for Adolescent and Unruly Dogs

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Puppy adolescence (age 6 mo. – maturity 18-24 mo.) is a challenging time for dog owners.

Adolescent pups can be more active, independent, exploratory and pushy for things they want. Emily Scott’s adolescent program uses positive methods to help dog owners learn how to manage and help adolescent dogs control themselves and learn boundaries at home and in public! This program is also wonderful for unruly adult dogs that need to learn impulse control and better behavior in the home. Emily’s program includes 4 private sessions!

This program includes the following skills and training:

Clicker (Marker) Training using positive reinforcement methods to shape behavior
Impulse Control (self-control) around distractions
Nice leash manners during walks
Reliable Recall (in home and yard)
Polite Greeting Behavior
“Leave it” training (ignoring wanted items)
“Walk away” training (moving away from distractions)
Territorial Aggression in the Home
"Drop" training (letting go of items)
House Behavior Training (Chewing, stealing, keep-away, counter-surfing -- behavior modification)
Collar Response – teaching dogs to move with the collar and not resist
Modifying oral behavior (nipping/mouthing/biting)
Boundary training (Teaching dogs that some resources and locations are not accessible)
Pushing for attention- crowding, jumping, grabbing resources.
Herding behavior and prey drive – chasing moving objects
Fence Fighting –property guarding
Please contact us if you want more information or want to enroll in this fantastic program!

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